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Cannabis Business Case Studies

See how our customers leverage Distru to streamline operations, stay compliant, and grow profit.

Regenerative | Massachusetts - Cultivator, Distributor, & Manufacturer

"The powerful thing about Distru is its ability to scale with us as a business. It's huge."

- Jacob Albernaz, Operations Coordinator & System Admin for Regenerative

Haven | California - Distributor & Retailer

"We cut down our intake labor at our shops by 50%."

- Mark Simonian, COO of Haven

CHEEF | Michigan - Cultivator, Manufacturer, and Distributor

"Before Distru the average [turnaround time] was four to seven days from start to finish. Now with Distru in place, our average time is twelve to twenty four hours before the product is in the customers' hands."

– Bryan, CHEEF Inventory & Systems Manager

Bango | New Jersey - Cultivator & Distributor

"We love Distru because it keeps everything connected to Metrc."

- Victor Paz, Operations Manager at Bango

Drops | Oregon - Edibles Manufacturer

"If we hadn’t implemented Distru when we did, we don’t know if we’d have been able to scale to meet the demand that was out there in the marketplace”

– Fergus, COO of Drops

Eureka | Multi-State - Vape Manufacturer

Argent | Oklahoma - Manufacturer & Distributor

"It was a no-brainer that Distru was the one software that had all the functionality we needed to operate our business."

- Adam Lasi, Argent CEO

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