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Streamlining Operations: Cannabis Harvesting Software

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Cannabis cultivation software


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Drops Candies | Clackamas, OR

How Drops saves 10+ Hours a Day and Utilizes Distru & LeafLink to Drive Expansion

We’ve eliminated the issue they had of running out of CBD for their production batches. They create all their production batches in Distru now, and are able to forecast how much inventory will be needed for a weeks worth of production batches.

“Distru’s Metrc integration is what revolutionized our order fulfillment team”

They don’t have to look between Metrc, LeafLink, and Distru constantly in order to get work done. They can just use Distru as a point of reference. This decreases the number of human errors made as well as the time it takes to complete tasks.

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Scores from G2: 9.4 Ease of use score, 10.0 Quality support score, 8.9 Ease of setup score

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What do you like best about Distru?

I love the organization and the simplicity of disru. Also their support team is nothing short of amazing!

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Devon Z.
Director of Distribution and Production
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"Saves time and money!"

What do you like best about Distru?

I use distru every single day and it's allowed us to seemlessly infwrvrate all of our distribution operations into one easy place. Sales orders, invoices, metrc manifests and more are all made in a matter of minutes. Quick reports and great customer service, I'd recommend distru to companies of all sizes especially those with in-house sales teams.

"Amazing team. Boosted sales and streamlined workflow."

What do you like best about Distru?

The team at Distru. It's the people that make it what it is. It is very comforting knowing that I have a team of people ready to assist me with anything I need.

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