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Learn how Haven uses Distru's BLAZE integration save time and process orders faster.

"We cut down our intake labor at our shops by 50%."
Mark Simonian, COO of Haven


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2+ Years and Counting

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Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail

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Brittany, Memo, and Mark

Human Errors


One-click order intake pulls data directly from Distru into BLAZE POS.

Order Velocity


Distru turns a two-week turnaround cycle into less than one week.

Hours Saved


Per week, allowing the Haven team to process multiple orders per day.

Double Data Entry

Manually inputting fulfillment details across multiple systems, resulting in slowdowns and human errors during data entry.

Retail Order Intake Velocity

Accepting orders from their distribution team and transferring inventory to retail stores was a time intensive process.

Distru Data Centralization

Distru keeps track of all their inventory, sales orders, fulfillment processes, and syncs to Metrc live via our 2-way integration.

BLAZE Integration

Integrating with BLAZE, Haven's cannabis POS system, turns the previously time consuming retail intake process into a simple series of quick button clicks.

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The Challenge: Efficient Distribution & Retail Intake

Prior to using Distru, the Haven team would need to allocate 80% of their time processing orders to manual data entry. Having to track and double enter data across multiple internal documents and Metrc resulted in bottlenecks and human errors. This resulted in a lengthy retail intake process. First, the Haven team would physically intake the delivery from their distribution team, then accept the Metrc transfer, manually process the order into their BLAZE POS system, and finally manually input batch information. This process was data entry heavy, leaving room for human errors to slow down the process.

"We centrally distribute products. Multiple invoices are going to stores at the same time, we're inputting a lot information." - Brittany, Director of Distribution

Disconnected Data Can Slow Down Your Cannabis Operations

Make the Retail Intake a Breeze with Distru's BLAZE Integration

How Distru's BLAZE Integration Impacts Haven's Operations

The introduction of Distru's new BLAZE integration has helped cut down intake labor by 50%. This is giving the Haven distribution team more time back in their day, allowing them to process orders at a higher velocity and simply get more done.

"As a manager, it's given my team more time to focus on other responsibilities." - Brittany, Director of Distribution

The largest impact is felt by the distribution fulfillment and retail intake teams. All of Haven's products are centrally distributed. Since they use Distru to keep track of their inventory, sales orders, and stay synced with Metrc, they're able to take advantage of our new BLAZE integration and push information directly from Distru into BLAZE's POS system. With 10 stores receiving biweekly deliveries, having their cannabis ERP directly integrated with their cannabis POS is providing a lot of relief for their team. This volume often has them processing up to 600 different SKUs across 20-30+ different invoices. Distru's BLAZE integration allows them to seamlessly bring data into their POS. Processing these large volumes is now only a few button clicks away.

"It has made intaking orders easier, quicker, and now I can process multiple orders across my 8hr shift. I can crank out orders in a timely manner, and I'm getting better sleep now." - Memo, Order Fulfillment Specialist

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