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Consolidate inventory, finances, compliance, and more in one place.

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Per month, giving the CHEEF team time to focus on sales & scaling.

Major Challenges

Data All Over the Place

As CHEEF started to scale, they encountered issues as inventory, sales, and other important data were disjointed across multiple spreadsheets.

Finances & Fulfillment Times

Disjointed data across inventory and sales resulted in order fulfillment slowdowns, as well as making it necessary to have a sales accountant onsite at all times.

Manual Label Making & Double Data Entry

Managing label printing for the high volume of sales orders and double entering data was an arduous task full of opportunities for human errors.

Key Distru Solutions

One Central System to Use

Using Distru as a one-stop shop for inventory & sales allows every team member at CHEEF to easily access the data they need.

Distru x QuickBooks Integration

Thanks to Distru's QuickBooks integration, CHEEF's accountant can oversee finances faster than ever without having to be onsite at all times.

Distru x Metrc Integration

Distru's Live 2-way Metrc integration fuels smoother workflows everywhere at CHEEF. No double entry needed, no more human errors made.

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The Challenge: Spreadsheets Everywhere & Long Fulfillment Times

Prior to Distru, CHEEF's inventory, sales, and accounting was managed through multiple spreadsheets across multiple digital locations. This resulted in an internally unorganized process that made it hard for people to find the information they need when they need it, especially as the business began to scale. In addition to the issue of disjointed data, CHEEF's team found themselves wasting hours on double data entry and correcting human errors in data entry. This resulted in a number of operational inefficiencies and had the largest impact on sales order fulfillment times for their customers.

“Before Distru the average [turnaround time] was four to seven days from start to finish.” - Bryan, Inventory & Systems Manager

The burden of double entry was especially felt by CHEEF's compliance labeling specialist, who had to adhere to a lengthy SOP in order to create compliance labeling.

"Previous I would have to enter [the data] myself, including the Metrc number which is up to 16 digits long and has the opportunity for 16 mistakes. Before Distru had a lot more steps. All of our templates were kept in a folder and I would have to click each strain that was on an order." - Barbie, Compliance Labeling Specialist

Invoice Tracking & the Need for an Onsite Accountant

With all of their data extended across multiple spreadsheets, CHEEF needed their accountant to be onsite at all times in order to perform their financial accounting duties. Invoices had to be manually input as orders were being created and fulfilled, further contributing to the order fulfillment delays the CHEEF team was experiencing. This was also a general burden on their accountant, as they would not be able to conduct any financial accounting without being physically present at CHEEF's facilities.

"Prior to Distru, we were searching multiple spreadsheets to find information. Now [with Distru] everything is conveniently located in one place." - Amanda, General Manager

With everyone accessing information from different spots, discrepancies and errors are bound to occur.

Distru helps centralize your data so that everyone on the team is accessing the same information!

How Distru Has Accelerated CHEEF's Order Fulfillment

Distru has helped centralize CHEEF's data, allowing the team to access sales, inventory, finances, compliance, and more from one software. Bryan, CHEEF's Inventory & Systems manager, sees Distru as an integral part of the their operations. Distru has helped set SOPs in place, allowing the rather lean CHEEF team to tackle high volumes of sales orders with ease. Distru's dynamic label templates allow Barbie, the compliance labeling manager, to print off all her labels without having to follow an arduous checklist for every print.

“Now with Distru in place, our average [fulfillment time] is twelve to twenty four hours before the product is in the customers' hands."- Bryan, Inventory & Systems Manager

The Impact of the Distru x QuickBooks Integration

Distru's QuickBooks Online (and QuickBooks Desktop) integration allow for CHEEF's accountant to complete their work faster than ever, without having to be onsite at all times. Our integration allows for financial data, such as invoices, to be populated automatically in QuickBooks. This has dramatically speed up their sales accounting process, contributing to the decrease in order fulfillment time

Amanda, the General Manager at CHEEF, sees the Distru and our QuickBooks integration as a crucial component of their business.

“Everything is conveniently located in one place. [Distru] has cut down our order time... and eliminated the need for an inhouse accountant to manually type invoices. Overall it has improved productivity and made our lives so much easier” - Amanda, General Manager

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