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Staying Compliant with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority in 2024

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METRC, which stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking and Compliance, is the cannabis governance solution providing end-to-end tracking and tracing for all cannabis supply chain activities to dozens of states in the United States and helping ensure a closed, legal ecosystem.

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Getting to Know Metrc in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) was created by the Oklahoma State Department of Health to oversee the rules and regulations surrounding the state’s medical cannabis program. Its responsibilities include maintaining a registry of patients, caregivers, and physicians. It also issues licenses for growers, processors, testing labs, transporters, and dispensaries.

The OMMA is responsible for making sure medical cannabis businesses abide by all regulations as issued by the state. This includes the state’s 2020 mandate to make Metrc the mandatory seed-to-sale tracking system for all commercial cannabis licensees. Metrc is now the leading track-and-trace solution in the cannabis industry.

Established in 2011 in Colorado, the system provides state regulators with a traceable history of every single cannabis-based product sold in their jurisdiction—from cultivation and production to transportation and the final retail sale.

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