Distru Referral Program

Share the Love, Put Some Cash in Your Pocket

Get $100 for Every Company you Refer to Distru

Tell us about another Cannabis operator who you think Distru could help. For each referral that attends a demo, we'll send you $100.

Get an additional $1,000 for Every Company that signs up!

Once your referral becomes a Distru Customer, we'll send another $1,000 your way.

* Referral Program Terms:
• Customers who provide a referral will be paid out a $100 gift card after Distru is able to determine that 1) The contact information provided is accurate 2) The referral is a licensed Cannabis Cultivator, Processor, Distributor or Microbusiness 3) The referral contact attends a demo and is qualified to purchase Distru
• Customers who refer a company to Distru are paid out $1,000 after the referred customer has signed up with Distru and paid for 3 months of services
• Distru will make the $1,000 payment on the 15th of the month following receipt of 3 months worth of payments from the referred customer
• Anyone who receives more than $600 cash will require a 1099 and needs to submit a W-9
• Referrals must be submitted via the form on the referral page to be qualified.
If you're not a Distru customer and have a referral in mind, please reach out to sales@distru.com for more information on referral incentives
• Distru has the right to modify or end this program at any time