Cannabis Accounting & Cost Tracking

Stay on Top of Your Finances with Comprehensive Cannabis Accounting Software.

Manage your cannabis business finances with precision. Our software caters to dispensaries, cultivators, processors, distributors, and vertically integrated operations. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each license type, Distru ensures compliance and financial insight across your operations.

Maximize Profits with COGS-Centric Cannabis Accounting

Learn How To Get Smart About Cannabis Accounting

Unlock Financial Success with Expert Insights

Read our blog article to learn more about cannabis accounting best practices. Accounting is essential for financial stability and achieving your business goals in the cannabis industry. Discover tips and tricks on how to improve your financial practices and determine if cannabis accounting software is the right choice for your operation.

Quick Invoice Generation

  • Effortless Invoicing for Seamless Transactions
  • Auto-generate invoices after placing an order and update them directly from the sales order without any extra work. With our platform, users have the ability to create multiple invoices per order and record payments that sync with QBO and Leaflink if integrated. Streamline your invoicing process for seamless transactions and improved cash flow management.
Cannabis accounting
Cannabis accounting

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Why is accounting crucial for cannabis businesses?

How does Distru streamline cannabis accounting processes??

What are the key aspects of cannabis accounting intricacies?

What is IRS Code 280E and how does it affect cannabis businesses?

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