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Seed to Sale Software Arizona

Seed to sale software is software for the cannabis industry that helps cannabis operators manage their business while staying compliant with the ADHS

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Who Uses Seed to Sale Software?

Businesses ranging from cultivators to processors to transporters to retailers benefit from leveraging seed to sale software. This includes inventory control, order management, production, logistics and more.  

The goal of seed to sale software is to ensure efficiency in operational management, alignment of teams, and regulatory compliance. Having one software platform to track everything minimizes dealing with multiple data sources, unnecessary double-entry, and human errors.  

What is the ADHS?

ADHS, also known as the Arizona Department of Health, holds the responsibilities of overseeing the medical cannabis industry and will be responsible for issuing new regulations for the personal use cannabis industry.

In November 2010, Proposition 203 passed by ballot measure allowing the medical use of cannabis for Arizona residents. The Smart and Safe Act then followed to legalize adult use cannabis in November 2020, paving the way for the state-licensed sales of recreational cannabis to begin on January 22, 2021.

The ADHS’s focus will be in the following areas:

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Promoting public awareness of the new laws and making evidence-based, public-health driven recommendations
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Protecting patient access to medical cannabis products to help treat their qualifying conditions
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Establishing safeguards to promote the creation of safe products for patients and consumers
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Promoting equity in Arizona's newest regulated industry.

Distru is the Leading Platform for Cannabis Operators

Our powerful, easy-to-use software connects your production, sales, accounting and executive teams in a centralized platform to help streamline your supply chain and keep you compliant with state regulations.

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