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Staying Compliant with the Minnesota Department of Health in 2024

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METRC, which stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking and Compliance, is the cannabis governance solution providing end-to-end tracking and tracing for all cannabis supply chain activities to dozens of states in the United States and helping ensure a closed, legal ecosystem.

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Getting to Know Metrc in Minnesota

Minnesota legalized medical cannabis in 2014, becoming the 22nd state permitting access to cannabis products for medicinal reasons. The law also created the Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research to assess and monitor medical cannabis’s impact on Minnesotans.

The Office of Medical Cannabis is part of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) administers rules and regulations governing the state’s Medical Cannabis program.• Minnesota law allows only two manufacturers to be registered in the state. Each manufacturer must have one manufacturing facility and is permitted to operate eight dispensaries.• Minnesota has an open application process for independent testing facilities.

State law requires that medical cannabis be tested by a state-approved, independent lab.• Minnesota proposed rules to implement a state-centralized tracking and tracing system for medical cannabis. This system would be a “seed-to-sale” cannabis tracking and trace platform.

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