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Distru is the central hub for your operation.

Drive sales, stay compliant, manage inventory, and track costs at every step, from seed to sale.

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Distru is the  #1 Easiest to Use  Seed to Sale Software on G2 ➜

The Industry's Most Trusted Cannabis Seed to Sale Software

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, whiteboards, to-do lists, and outdated software. Seamlessly manage your inventory, sales, and compliance all in one platform and have your team working together in no time.

Metrc Made Better

An industry-leading Metrc integration, customized for your state’s regulatory requirements.

Efficient workflows built around real Cannabis SOPs;
no double entry, no waiting

Simply seed to sale software and compliance, all-in-one. It's what a cannabis ERP is meant to be.

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Cannabis ERP softwareCannabis ERPCannabis ERPCannabis ERP

Seed to Sale Software that Rolls (and Works) with the Best

Partnerships help make Distru the most powerful Cannabis ERP on the market

Cannabis Depends on Distru

We’ve helped hundreds of the best cannabis brands grow into the names you know today.

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Cannabis ERP

CBD? Distru Does That Too

We can help streamline your CBD production, distribution and sales pipeline anywhere in the world.

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Cannabis ERP
Cannabis Inventory
Management ➜
Track all your cannabis and non-cannabis inventory in one place. Accurate, live, and Metrc synced.
Cannabis ERP
Sales Order
Fulfillment ➜
Your source of truth for all things sales. Our mobile Pick-n-Pack app will have orders flying out the door!
Cannabis ERP
Order Management & Invoicing ➜
Actively manage open orders and inspect invoice payments.
Cannabis ERP
Management ➜
Transfer and track inventory moving internally between locations.
Cannabis ERP
Procurement ➜
Bring inventory in via multiple channels while automatically syncing to Metrc.
Cannabis ERP
Financial Management ➜
Attach invoices to sales orders and keep them synced to QuickBooks using our QB integrations.
Cannabis ERP
Management ➜
Initialize and complete production runs in Distru, utilizing our Assemblies, BOMs, and COGs.
Cannabis ERP software
Assemblies ➜
Use your cannabis and non cannabis inventory to create new products.
Cannabis ERP
Bill of Materials (BOMs)
Build multi-input and multi-output recipes for your manufactured goods.
Cannabis ERP
Cost of Goods (COGs)
Use Bill of Materials to track the cost of production runs and profit margins on manufactured goods.
Cannabis ERP
COA Management ➜
Upload or automatically pull testing results from Metrc & attach them to products and sales orders.
Cannabis ERP
Cannabis CRM ➜
Stay organized with your business contacts, log notes, and associate sales to companies you work with.
Cannabis ERP
Speed Harvesting App ➜
Metrc plant tag scanning + Tote Weighing + Bluetooth scale = harvest inventory in Distru & Metrc
Cannabis ERP
Calendar & Tasks ➜
Help your team stay on task by planning sales orders, production runs, invoicing, and more by using our built-in calendar.
Cannabis ERP
Production Planning ➜
Reserve inventory for production and plan your assemblies on our calendar.
Cannabis ERP
Label Printing ➜
Use our Label Template Builder and create dynamic fields that pull information directly from your Distru inventory.
Cannabis ERP
Cultivation Analytics ➜
Grade your grow's performance using existing Metrc historical data.
Cannabis ERP
Distru Connect ➜
Share data with your retail partners in order to unlock new growth tactics using sales & inventory data.
Cannabis ERP
Distru Analytics ➜
Take your existing data in Distru + Metrc and maximize its potential.
 Cannabis ERP
Reporting ➜
Download, email, and schedule a variety of reports based on your Distru data.
Cannabis ERP
Customer Map ➜
Plot customers automatically using information from the Distru CRM to plan the best routes for your sales
Cannabis ERP
B2B eCommerce Menu ➜
Build custom menus to send to your customers, enabling them to place orders based on your live inventory.
Cannabis ERP
Trym Integration ➜
Connect with Trym and stay on top of your grow operation, while bringing inventory into Distru.
Cannabis ERP
Treez Integration  ➜
Automatically create products and speed up retailer intake with seamless order syncs
Cannabis ERP
Dutchie Integration  ➜
Automatically create products and speed up retailer intake with seamless order syncs
Cannabis ERP
Blaze Integration  ➜
Automatically create products and speed up retailer intake with seamless order syncs
Cannabis ERP
LeafLink Integration  ➜
Automatically sync orders, keep inventory levels accurate and fulfill orders faster while staying Metrc compliant
Cannabis ERP
Distru API  ➜
Build custom solutions using your Distru data

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With decades of experience under their belt, they are there to help at each step along your journey.

Cannabis industry ERP

Distru was the one software that had all the functionality we needed to operate our business.

Adam Lasi, CEO of Argent Cannabis

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Featured Integration

Distru Loves LeafLink

We’ve partnered with the leading Cannabis marketplace to build the most robust two-way sync on the market.

Empower your sales team with up to the second inventory and the streamlined tools to increase sales!

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cannabis ERP

Free Order Fulfillment Template!

Organize your deliveries, optimize your route plan, and log returns

cannabis ERP

Free Cannabis Cycle Count Template!

Standardize your SOP across multiple warehouses or locations

What is Seed to Sale Software?

Seed to Sale Software vs Track and Trace

What is a Cannabis ERP?