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Learn how Regenerative uses Distru to streamline internal SOPs and grow their business.

"The powerful thing about Distru is its ability to scale with us as a business. It's huge."
- Jacob Albernaz, Operations Coordinator & System Admin for Regenerative


Kosmik Edibles & Live Resin

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1 Year and going strong

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Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing

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Jacob & AJ

Streamlined SOPs


Centralizing data has improved operational efficiency at Regenerative over twofold.

Metrc Activities


Helping the Regenerative team operate efficiently while staying compliant.

Hours Saved


Per week, giving the Regenerative team peace of mind as they grow their business.

Major Challenges

Lean Team Doing Big Business

Regenerative's team of cannabis enthusiasts work hard to scale the business while staying lean. At a certain point while scaling, data tracking started to balloon into a larger than anticipated task.

Managing Data for a Large Portfolio

With a diverse portfolio of product SKUs being produced and sold, the Regenerative team needed an efficient way to track data related to all processes that produce or sell products.

Key Distru Solutions

Centralizing SOPs with Distru

Managing inventory intake, production runs, order fulfillment, and compliance through Distru has aligned the Regenerative team's SOPs under one system.

Inventory Management and BOMs

The Regenerative team can create product recipies using cannabis and non-cannabis inventory that's tracked in Distru. Inventory depletes in real time and syncs with Metrc automatically.

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The Challenge: Managing Data While Expanding Business

With one of the largest outdoor cultivation facilities and processing labs in the state of Massachusetts, the team at Regenerative often find themselves organizing large volumes of data. Regenerative manages their own cultivation operations, biomass intake from third parties, processing of cannabis flower into live resin concentrates & vapes, edibles manufacturing through their exclusive deal with Kosmik, and sales order packaging for order fulfillment. That's a lot to handle on a day by day basis! In addition to managing the business, manually entering data from spreadsheets into Metrc means someone from the team has to allocate time away from production or fulfillment to work on compliance.

As a result, finding a way to make workflows more efficient and automate data entry became top of mind for the Regenerative team. This is where Distru came in.

Lean, Green, Distru-powered Machine

Utilizing Distru has helped the team at Regenerative expand product offerings, decrease fulfillment times, increase sales, and stay compliant - all while remaining a lean team. AJ works on the fulfillment team at Regenerative. For him, the ability to quickly make manifests and sync them with Metrc is a huge benefit. Massachusetts operators tend to have Weight Sheets attached to orders, showing the weights of each product they're purchasing. Specifying product gross weight helps the buyer with tracking and compliance. Distru takes a process that was previously done by hand, like creating the Weight Sheets or splitting packages, and automates it so that the Regenerative fulfillment team can move faster and avoid human errors.

The Regenerative team also relies on Distru for tracking cannabis & non-cannabis inventory. Our Bill of Materials feature allows the team create product recipes using their cannabis & non-cannabis goods, helping the manufacturing team forecast production runs and avoid crucial ingredient stock-outs. The manufacturing team at Regenerative is producing vape products, edibles via their partnership with Kosmik brand, pre-rolls, blunts, infused pre-rolls, concentrates in one gram jars to baller jars, and bulk extracts. With an incredibly diverse portfolio of products to manage, the Regenerative team relies on Distru to provide them the support they need to succeed.

Speaking of support, both Jacob and AJ mentioned how Distru's flexibility as a software and the support staff assigned to them have made a difference as customers. The ability to contact support live during work hours and have a member of the Distru team walk them through troubleshooting reduces down time if they ever have questions. They've also enjoyed working with our engineering team to deploy state-specific improvements to Distru, such as the ability to attach Weight Sheets for fulfillment orders. Overall, using Distru has greatly assisted in Regenerative's growth, while minimizing common growing pains.

"The powerful thing about Distru is its ability to scale with us as a business. It's huge."
- Jacob Albernaz, Operations Coordinator & System Admin

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