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Staying Compliant with the New York Office of Cannabis Management in 2024

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All legal cannabis businesses in New York state must use an Inventory Tracking System that is able to transmit data to the OCM's BioTrack System.

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Getting to Know BioTrack

Recreational marijuana use was legalized in New York on March 31st, 2021 under the Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act. Also known as “adult use” cannabis, recreational cannabis is legally differentiated from medical marijuana in the state of New York.

In 2014, Medical marijuana was legalized in the state of New York under the Compassionate Care Act. Despite their differing legislation, all cannabis-related programs, including recreational marijuana use, are regulated by The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). A five-member Cannabis Control Board oversees the OCM.

The first state-issued licenses for recreational dispensaries weren’t issued until November 2022. In the 20-month gap between legalization and the issuance of licenses, New York saw a rise in  unlicensed dispensaries catering to recreational use.

Cannabis-Based Businesses in New York Must Use An Inventory Tracking System That Can Transmit Data to BioTrack

Adult-Use Cannabis License Applications Are Now Open for Submission!

Third Party Integrations Streamline the Process and Reduce Time Investment

So What Is BioTrack, Exactly?

Does New York Allow Any BioTrack Alternatives?

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