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Cannabis Compliance Software

Distru's Cannabis Compliance Software simplifies regulatory compliance, helping cannabis businesses operate confidently and securely.

Cannabis Compliance SoftwareCannabis Compliance Software

Distru Powers Compliance for Top Cannabis Brands

Streamline Cannabis Compliance with Distru's Software Solution

Distru's Cannabis Software is meticulously crafted to address the unique compliance challenges faced by cannabis businesses. Our intuitive platform offers a suite of features tailored to simplify regulatory compliance, from seed to sale.

Metrc Integration

Distru offers a comprehensive solution for cannabis businesses, featuring real-time, two-way inventory synchronization with Metrc, ensuring seamless coordination between sales and operations teams. Built on real cannabis industry experience, Distru streamlines compliance and reporting workflows, eliminating redundant tasks and downtime due to Metrc outages. With expedited package assignment and efficient management of COAs, test results, and manifests, Distru optimizes fulfillment processes and document handling, supported by a responsive customer service team, ensuring swift assistance within five minutes or less.

Metrc Outages? No Problem

Metrc outages can be frustrating, but with Distru, you don't need to worry. Our seamless Metrc integration includes a robust contingency plan for when Metrc's systems are down.

Our web browser extension allows you to continue working uninterrupted, recording all your Metrc-related changes within Distru while Metrc is offline. Once Metrc is back online, Distru automatically syncs all the changes you made during the outage, ensuring your data is secure and seamlessly updated in Metrc.

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Want to Learn More About Metrc?

Watch our Metrc Master Series Webinar!
Industry leaders from Distru, Trym, and Meadow walk you through the entire Cannabis supply chain from Seed to Sale.

Key Features of Distru Cannabis Compliance Software

Cannabis Compliance Software

Inventory Management

  • At Distru, our tailored cannabis inventory management solution empowers  businesses to efficiently track and manage stock levels, pricing, and custom fields.

    With comprehensive product catalog management, simplified transaction history, and inventory transparency, our adaptable platform enables you to customize workflows, ensure efficient assemblies, and make informed decisions. Exportable custom fields on both product and package levels help you stay in control and avoid costly stock-out events or overstocking.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Compliance Software H2

Cannabis Compliance Software

Five-star support team for cannabis compliance software

  • Our team at Distru is second to none when it comes to onboarding and providing solutions to any questions or concerns you may have about cannabis compliance.

    Moreover, our record speaks for itself. We have been ranked as the top cannabis seed-to-sale software on the market, a testament to our robust and comprehensive solutions. Our software is meticulously designed to streamline your operations, from seed to sale, ensuring you stay on top of compliance while focusing on growing your business.

The Cannabis Industry Has Spoken

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Distru User Ratings

Scores from G2: 9.4 Ease of use score, 10.0 Quality support score, 8.9 Ease of setup score

99% Customer Happiness

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"Simply Put, WOW!"

What do you like best about Distru?

I love the organization and the simplicity of Distru. Also their support team is nothing short of amazing!

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Devon Z.
Director of Distribution and Production
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"Saves time and money!"

What do you like best about Distru?

I use distru every single day and it's allowed us to seemlessly infwrvrate all of our distribution operations into one easy place. Sales orders, invoices, metrc manifests and more are all made in a matter of minutes. Quick reports and great customer service, I'd recommend distru to companies of all sizes especially those with in-house sales teams.

"Amazing team. Boosted sales and streamlined workflow."

What do you like best about Distru?

The team at Distru. It's the people that make it what it is. It is very comforting knowing that I have a team of people ready to assist me with anything I need.

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