Distru's New York Cultivator Directory 2024

Looking for licensed cannabis cultivators in New York for partner with? We've assembled a list of New York cultivators for you!

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Slack Hollow Farm

Slack Hollow Farm, founded in 1983 by Seth Jacobs and Martha Johnson, embodies a commitment to sustainable and organic farming. Located in upstate New York, the family-owned and operated business has been a staple in the capital district, supplying certified organic vegetables through farmer's markets, local groceries, and co-ops. Over the years, they've raised not only two children, Kalon and Adin, but also several cats and an impressive number of carrot varieties! Their dedication extends beyond their produce; they reinvest profits back into the local community by shopping at local stores, purchasing local goods, and hiring local labor.

💻 https://www.slackholloworganics.farm/

Nightshade Farm

Nightshade Farm is a 41 acre farm located in Albany County, New York. Phil and Kris purchased the farm in 2007 and Nightshade Farm came to fruition in 2015 as a Certified Organic Vegetable Farm. In 2019 they pivoted solely to hemp and CBD production. In April 2022 they were granted an Adult-Use Conditional Cultivation License and that August was granted an Adult-Use Conditional Processing License for extraction and manufacturing.

💻 https://nightshadefarm.com/

Harney Brothers

Growing the finest cannabis. Proudly based in Millerton, NY. As long-standing purveyors of hospitality and fine quality products, Michael and Paul are honored to warmly welcome you into their cannabis family. Each bud is sun-grown in the picturesque Hudson Valley on historic farmland, with serious craft and lots of care.

💻 https://www.harneybrotherscannabis.com/

Ananda Farms

Dedicated to providing safe products for consumers worldwide, Ananda Farms cultivates great-tasting, high-yielding, and organic hemp on their Upstate New York farms. The mineral-rich soil, crisp air quality, and unique fast-growing summer climate of the region create ideal conditions for producing some of the world's most nutrient-rich and beneficial "Super Foods." Furthermore, Ananda Farms utilizes hydroponic greenhouses, ensuring a year-round supply of this superfood.

💻 https://www.anandafarmsny.com/


At GLENNA’S, the brand embraces life's transformative journey, drawing inspiration from the founder's tale of resilience, courage, and vibrant determination. Mirroring the luminous display of a peacock, GLENNA’S is dedicated to helping individuals illuminate their unique paths, offering holistic relief and rejuvenation along the way. The premium cannabis products stand as testaments to GLENNA’S commitment to aiding those in need and empowering them to shine their brightest. With GLENNA’S, it's not just about rediscovery—it's a celebration of true brilliance with every step taken.

💻 https://glennas.com/

Gage Farms

Gage Farms is a women-owned, family-grown cannabis cultivator based in New York State. Originally starting as a hemp cultivator in 2020, they transitioned to recreational cannabis in 2022. As the cannabis industry in New York develops, Gage Farms prioritizes honesty and education about cannabis products and culture, embracing both old traditions and new innovations. At Gage Farms, they approach cultivation with the same care and dedication used in raising their children—with loving hands, sunshine, and water. This commitment to nurturing plants reflects their passion for producing high-quality cannabis while maintaining a family-oriented ethos.

💻 https://www.gagefarmsny.com/

Bone Creek Farm

Welcome to Bone Creek Farm, where we are dedicated to cultivating the highest quality cannabis using sustainable and environmentally conscious methods. Our farm is located in the foothills of the Catskills, where the rich soil and ideal climate create the perfect conditions for growing premium cannabis.

At Bone Creek Farm, we believe that the key to producing exceptional cannabis is in the details. We meticulously hand-tend each plant from seed to harvest, ensuring that every bud is bursting with flavor, potency, and aroma. Our team of expert cultivators utilizes both traditional outdoor growing methods and state-of-the-art greenhouse technology to optimize plant health and maximize yield.

💻 https://bonecreekfarm.com/

HPI Canna

HPI Canna is New York’s premiere end-to-end manufacturer of cannabis goods, from plant to product. By providing fair-market value to all stakeholders we work with, and by becoming a social-equity brand incubator, we’ll accomplish this together. HPI Canna prioritizes working with disproportionately affected communities of color in a way that intends to foster social justice, public safety, and economic development.

💻 https://www.hpicanna.com/

Central Processors

At Central Processors NY, we’re passionate about providing cannabis extraction and manufacturing services that meet the needs of entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Our journey began with a group of cannabis pioneers who recognized the need for a reliable and trustworthy processing partner in central New York.

💻 https://www.centralprocessorsny.com/

Rippin' Ridge

We are Jen and Joe Basic, owners of Rippin Ridge Farm, LLC a fourth generation family owned and operated and located in Cazenovia, NY. The farm resides on 352 acres of tillable, woodlands, and pastures with beautiful Chittenango Creek flowing through the middle. It was a Dairy Farm for 90+ years and always a dream of ours to someday own it and carry it forward. In addition to our acreage we also have a 1500 sq ft indoor grow room / clean room we use to cultivate our Mother plants and clones and 6100 sq ft of drying space.

💻 https://www.rippinridgefarm.com/


Whether you wish to have your biomass toll-processed into high value cannabinoid concentrates, purchase our top quality extracts, or learn more about TrucCann™ – the gold standard in cannabis extraction – please contact us for a detailed discussion with our team.

💻 https://www.trucann.com/

Sugarhouse Farms

We are passionate about the power and potential of cannabis, and we began our journey by growing it ourselves. In 2018, our first legal strains yielded high CBD products that were used to help customers manage pain, discomfort and inflammation. The overwhelming customer success stories sparked our curiosity and led us to explore the vast applications of this remarkable plant. Cannabis has the potential to revolutionize various industries, from hemp plastic to medicine, and from food to textiles. We are committed to exploring and expanding the possibilities of cannabis, while treating it with the respect it deserves. After years of research and experimentation we have developed a range of high-quality cannabis products that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for adult-use cannabis products or seeking the therapeutic benefits of CBD, we've got you covered. We believe that education and transparency are essential to our mission. We strive to provide our customers with accurate and up-to-date information about our products, their benefits, and the science behind them. We believe that by educating our customers, we can empower them to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. We are also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Cannabis cultivation can have a significant impact on the environment, and we believe it is our responsibility to minimize that impact as much as possible. We also prioritize the use of sustainable packaging materials to minimize waste.  Cannabis has the power to bring people together and foster a sense of community. That's why we host regular events and gatherings where people can come together to learn, share their experiences, and celebrate the many benefits of this remarkable plant. We are proud to be part of the vibrant New York cannabis community, and we are committed to using our platform to create positive change. We take a best-practices approach to cultivation and technology to ensure that we bring safe, compliant high-quality cannabis products to the communities in which we operate. We're not just a cannabis company, but a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the powerful cannabis plant. We're proud to be part of the movement here in New York, and we're committed to leading the way in responsible and sustainable cannabis production.

💻 https://www.sugarhousefarms.org/

Forest Flower

Our mission is to farm adjacent to our forests in small rich pockets of soil provided to us from erosion after the glaciers carved our valley. Forests clean our water and air to provide and help us grow the most sustainable cannabis on the market.

💻 https://www.forestflowercannabis.com/

Empire Farm

The 220 acre Empire Farm property is nestled in the beautiful Hudson Valley and serves as the host for charitable fundraising events, community gardens, educational programs and a thriving cannabis farm. Thanks to our strong roots in traditional agriculture, we were able to weather the storm of New York’s ever-changing inaugural season. With strict greenhouse limitations in place, we were forced to push our creative and minimalistic growing abilities to the limit. Despite the many obstacles, we were able to produce a beautiful crop of genetically superior plants, boasting a wide range of phenotypes and effects. As we move forward, we are excited to focus on artisan production for top-tier flower, rosin and extract products.

💻 https://empirefarm1830.com/