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Learn how Argent fit Distru into their operations & streamlined their SOPs!

"It was a no-brainer that Distru was the one software that had all the functionality we needed to operate our business."
- Adam Lasi, Argent CEO


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4+ Years and Counting

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Distributor & Manufacturer

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Adam, CEO

Theft Prevented


Using Distru's advanced permission controls and transaction history

Ordes Saved & Recovered


Over 3 dozen orders saved due to access to true live inventory

Hours Saved Per Month


Cutting out manual tasks and double entry

Major Challenges

Manual Data Entry

Juggling spreadsheets, QuickBooks, and their own online ordering system was a big challenge.

Incompatible Software Stack

Manufacturing could not be easily tracked in QuickBooks, resulting in inaccurate production data.

Key Distru Solutions

One Central System to Use

Using Distru as a one-stop shop for inventory & sales allows every team member at Argent to easily access the data they need.

Customer Service

Distru support is always available after onboarding, and has helped Argent create SOPs together to maximize their efficiency using Distru.

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The Challenge: Manual Entry & Managing Multiple Tools

Argent’s biggest challenge was juggling a combo of Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, and their own online ordering system to manage their whole operation from extraction and inventory management to sales and transport.

“We were using Quickbooks as our inventory software and it doesn’t really understand cannabis. There was no difference between making a sales order and an invoice, no manifests, so a lot of these steps we had to take to stay compliant we had to do manually.”

The processing side of their operation presented an even bigger challenge and made the simple task of turning flower into prerolls an untraceable mess.

“On the extraction side, a lot of the challenges were with tracking. There’s no function on Quickbooks for assemblies, so tracing those transactions was really difficult because it just wasn’t designed for that.”

Assemblies didn’t translate in Quickbooks, and forget order accuracy–no one had visibility into inventory and the sales team had to call in with every order. Logging every detail into Excel was taking an enormous amount of time, and Argent was growing fast with no way to keep up.

The Solution: Streamline With Distru

“Distru provides us the structure from the way the products are organized, to the way the flow works, the CRM, the map feature . . . it pieced everything we were looking for into one software and that changed the game for us.”

Key Benefits

  • Clean interface: “When I opened up the software and saw how clean it looked, that was the big kicker. I’m an Apple guy and your software integrates with the way Apple flows.”
  • Customer service: “Customer service was a big part of our decision to use Distru. I remember at the beginning, I had a question about how we could structure something and you said that we’d work with you and create the SOPs together and make sure your staff can follow them, which is kind of difference, no one really does that.”
  • Advanced permissions: The ability to add multiple users with different levels of access puts the necessary controls in place for their growing team.
  • Live menu: Seeing stock levels and availability for all products allows for complete visibility across the organization and increases order accuracy for the sales team.
  • Multiple warehouses: When Argent scaled their business to manufacturing, they were able to open a kitchen in another part of the state without setting up an entirely new software solution. This allows them to transfer products seamlessly between multiple locations.

The Results

  • Hundreds of hours have been saved per month due to minimized manual entry and suboptimal tracking solutions. It requires significantly less people to complete tasks.
  • 2-3 dozen large value orders upwards of $200k have been recovered or saved now that access to live inventory is available.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars have been saved in theft because of the advanced permissions and controls.

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