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Learn how Bango uses Distru in New Jersey to manage inventory, plan production runs, and streamline Metrc compliance.

"We love Distru because it keeps everything connected to Metrc."
- Victor Paz, Operations Manager at Bango


Packaged 1/8ths & Pre-Rolls

Distru Customer:

2+ Years and Counting

License Types:

Cultivation, Distribution

Operating In:

New Jersey, California

Interview With:

- Victor, Ops Manager

Production Inventory


Distru's BOMs & COGs allow for precise control over Bango's production processes.

Metrc Activities


Helping the Bango team stay compliant and operate faster than ever.

Hour Saved


Per week, giving Bango's team more time to process orders & get sales out the door.

Major Challenges

Non-Cannabis Production Inventory Tracking

Bango needed a system that could track packaging, labels, cannabis, and more for their production runs. Running out of one limiting ingredient can hold up production & fulfillment for weeks.

Double Data Entry for Compliance

Operating off internal records and then manually entering data into Metrc caused bottlenecks in their workflows, sometimes even resulting in human data entry errors.

Key Distru Solutions

Unifying Inventory & SOPs Under Distru

Bango brought Distru to their New Jersey operations on Day 1, allowing them to build and unify SOPs around Distru workflows. This lets their team track inventory, production, and more under one tool.

Metrc Integration

Distru's live 2-way Metrc integration saves the Bango team hundreds of hours per week, streamlining their operations and speeding up production.

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The Challenge: Tracking Production Inventory & Compliance Data

Prior to using Distru, the Bango team was looking for a platform to help manage non-cannabis inventory used for their production runs. They needed a system that could track their flower, packaging, labeling, and more. Their main product lines include pre-rolls and packaged flower. This means that they need to track pre-roll tubes, cones, product labels, branding stickers, flower packaging, and more in addition to the cannabis they plan on using. If the teams runs out of any production ingredients, they can face weeks of delays while waiting to resupply and fulfill the order.

In addition to tracking production related inventory, the Bango team was having issues with double data entry in Metrc. They had previously brought on another software that advertised itself as a cannabis manufacturing software. Unfortunately, the software would not interface with Metrc correctly, meaning the Bango team had to enter data twice between their systems and within Metrc. This resulted in slowdowns, both from having to enter the data twice, and from amending human errors that occurred along the way.

Disconnected Data Can Slow Down Your Cannabis Operations

How Distru Has Positively Impacted Bango's Operations

By using Distru, Bango has streamlined their SOPs, unified inventory and production under Distru, and made double data entry into Metrc a worry of the past. In addition to Distru's live 2-way integration with Metrc, Distru's BOMs & COGs features help the production team manage their production inventory. They created recipes for their SKUs in Distru using our BOMs tools, setting the exact amount of cannabis plus non-cannabis inventory necessary to create their products. This helps the team plan ahead and forecast inventory needs, preventing stock-outs of crucial production inventory.

Using Distru to build out their BOMs will also provide the team with detailed cost breakdowns from production to sales. Our cannabis accounting reports provide deep analysis of your cost of goods, further helping you streamline your operations.

"We plug in how much we want to make and Distru shows us exactly how much inventory we need." - Victor, Operations Manager

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