METRC: cannabis track and trace


As it stands, Franwell has been contracted by California as a service provider for the CCTT-METRC system. This page is to help you understand track and trace in California. 

NOTE: Distru is in no way affiliated with METRC. The purpose of this page is solely to educate you on METRC. We have been approved as a METRC developer in California.  

Franwell's METRC is a cannabis traceability solution providing end-to-end tracking and tracing specifically designed for government agencies regulating legalized marijuana. METRC provides regulatory bodies a compliance management solution, and provides marijuana businesses a cloud based reporting system to manage and report supply chain activities as determined by regulations.  



Source: Franwell

Source: Franwell

METRC is a web application. It has secure web services that lets them integrate with state systems and outside systems. There's an application program interface, or API, that lets them communication with 3rd party companies. There's a database and reporting tools, one facing the state and one facing the industry. There's also a mobile device application for use should operators desire to use it, but is not required. METRC has its own private dedicated hardware. Every licensee gets their own set of logins that cannot be shared with others. 

There's a regulatory side which has the  licensing, inspecting, auditing, enforcing, analyzing and collecting. Then there's the industry facing side which tracks a plant from seed to sale. The breakdown is as follows:

Seed > Immature Plant > Vegetative > Flowering > Harvest > Package > Transfer > Processed, Tested OR Sold

Source: Franwell

Source: Franwell


That's METRC in a nutshell. Every business creates their own account and sets up their business profile, adding an administrator, facilities, employees, strains, items and locations. Each type of facility has different permissions. For example, processors don't have plants and don't do sales to consumers, and thus they don't have access to those features within METRC. 

Next, in the product profile, businesses enter items they carry, specifying the category and type of product, each defined by the state, along with quantity and unit of measure. This process takes roughly half a day, but is a fairly in depth process. 

In METRC, everyone is operating within the system, enabling effective tracking and recalls which other industries don't get. In addition, serialization is controlled and supplied through METRC, making it easy to for each company in the system to have unique serials that can be assigned to your plants and packages. All serials are connected in a supply chain so you can quickly see what was the source material in any sold package. 


  • Rules-based alerts

  • Chain of custody

  • Process metrics

  • Credentialing

  • Transfer manifesting

  • Event level monitoring date

  • Time stamping

  • Highly secure RFID tags

  • Notifications

  • Trend analysis

  • Auditing / Inspections using RFID

  • Investigations

  • Enforcement support

  • Seek and find capability

  • Plant, Harvest, & Package tracking

  • Activity of licensed employees

  • Lab testing (automatic on-hold & real-time results)

  • Buy Card “using RFID” (validation, authentication, & amount verification)

  • Registries and licensing for (Businesses, Facilities, Users, Employees, Patients, Buyers, Physicians, Strains, & Items)

  • Help Desk

  • Many Reports & SSRS support

here is a link to metrc faq's (frequently asked questions)


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