Automating Cannabis Compliance with Distru and Metrc Connect Integration

April 23, 2024
September 26, 2023
| Updated
September 26, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Distru has integrated with Metrc’s new premium API service, Metrc Connect. As leaders in the cannabis software space, we’re committed to continuous innovation that enhances compliance and optimizes our customers’ operations, and integrating with Metrc Connect allows us to deliver on that promise!

What is Metrc Connect?

Metrc Connect provides an upgraded integration experience through expanded API capabilities and tools. Designed based on feedback from across the cannabis industry, it enables more seamless system interactions to simplify compliance.

Key benefits include:
  • Near real-time package inventory updates and alerts for immediate visibility into Metrc data changes
  • Additional API endpoints not previously accessible, expanding integrations
  • Enhanced performance, stability and data consistency through optimized API calls
  • Self-service portal for more control over integration management

As the leading cannabis track-and-trace provider, Metrc launched Metrc Connect this year to elevate integrations through premium features. We’re excited to leverage this new offering to better serve our customers.

Optimizing Compliance Workflows

At Distru, we use Metrc Connect in a few critical ways:
  • Near real-time package inventory updates help keep our system synchronized with Metrc. We instantly receive notifications when changes occur in Metrc so we can update our records accordingly. This results in accurate, up-to-date visibility.
  • New API endpoints allow us to expand actions and workflows we can support without manual workarounds. For example, we can enable customers to record package donations or destructions right within our platform.
  • Performance improvements like reduced latency provide a smoother experience. With real-time data flows, we prevent inconsistencies between systems.
  • The self-service portal gives us more oversight for managing integrations as we scale to new markets.

By utilizing Metrc Connect, we’re able to optimize compliance workflows and provide timely, reliable data with expanded capabilities – all while ensuring adherence.

Benefits for Distru Customers

Our integration translates into tangible benefits for customers:
  • Near real-time visibility into accurate Metrc package data enables proactive ops oversight.
  • Additional actions/workflows in our platform reduce manual compliance tasks.
  • Fast performance with minimal lag avoids disruptions.
  • Data consistency between systems reduces research and discrepancies.
  • Compliance confidence knowing our integration leverages Metrc’s premium capabilities.
  • Lower reporting errors and tighter data validation prevents compliance hiccups.

With Metrc Connect, we can enhance our already powerful retail platform. Contact us to learn more about the benefits available for your cannabis business!

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