Distru's Michigan Cannabis Grower Directory 2024

Michigan is a bustling cannabis economy, with cannabis sales thriving. Looking for a new licensed grower to partner with or to purchase from? Check out our list of Michigan cannabis growers below!

If you are a licensed grower in Michigan and wish to be listed, please reach out to hello@distru.com
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305 Farms

305 Farms is a cutting-edge cannabis indoors cultivation facility in Michigan, specializing in the production of high-quality cannabis products.

Ahki Canna

Ahki Canna is MMFLA and MRTMA licensed for Class C grow operations. We are dedicated to providing safe, ethically grown, and produced cannabis products of the highest quality to the Michigan medical and adult-use markets.

Amazing Budz

Amazing Budz strives to facilitate a safe, authentic, and friendly environment for our staff, patients, and community. From our daily customer service to our continued research and education, we strive to be the best in the industry.

Apothecare Ann Arbor

Apothecare Ann Arbor is a locally owned and operated organic cannabis company & dispensary. We are a team of friendly cannabis and wellness professionals who focus on cultivating high-quality organic cannabis products for the Ann Arbor community and the State of Michigan. We are Michigan's first certified organic cannabis company and are committed to a sustainable, holistic approach towards cannabis cultivation and sales.

Bow House

Cultivated to the highest standards. Our strains in particular remarkable benefits due to our delicate process. We commit to quality products and exceeding expectations.


Butter is a cannabis lifestyle brand, founded & rooted in Michigan. Our focus is to make high quality products for all and in doing so, better society.

The plant has the power to help us become better individuals and with a proper understanding, all consumers should realize their desired effects of cannabis products.

At butter, we believe people and plants are better together.


Calyxeum seeks to redefine the myths of the Cannabis consumer. Changing the perception of Cannabis in the professional world. We represent women, community, diversity, opportunity and empowerment.

Calyxeum is a female, minority-owned operation located in Detroit, MI with degrees in science, health, & technology, and 10 years of experience in Michigan’s growing Cannabis industry.

Canapa Valley Farms

Canapa Valley Farms is an ultramodern agricultural company focusing on sustainable cultivation and processing techniques using advanced technology.


CHEEF is a licensed Michigan cultivator and processor. Visit our website to find our products in a store near you!

Classic Roots Farm

Classic Roots Farm is a craft cannabis brand that offers top-quality flower and concentrates for the Michigan market. Our goal is to provide our customers with safe and sustainable cannabis products so they can enjoy a green, responsible, and active lifestyle. It starts with genetics. Our team is on the never-ending pursuit for the most unique and elite strains out there.

Country Boy Farms

From dirt roads and big dreams, Country Boy Farms (CBF) was founded by a 3rd generation agriculture farmer with the support of family and friends. Farming the banks of Michigan’s Shiawassee River, in a small town named Chesaning, we are proud to have planted roots in the same place we are raising our families. Our founders’ possess a strong work ethic, and a passion for growing plants. For decades, they researched, dreamed, and worked tirelessly to build this business. CBF has been producing premium cannabis products since the passage of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program in 2008.


Experience the fusion of Colorado and Michigan’s best cannabis with 100% all natural hemp wraps with all of your favorite flavors. We blend Pyramid’s award-winning distillate with our proprietary flavor combinations to keep the embers of summer burning year-round. Doinks™ are a potent, slow-burning flavor experience meant to be shared. But don’t let us tell you what to do…Get Doinks and Get Doinked™.

Driven Grow

Driven was one of the first companies to begin selling product state-wide. Operations began early 2019 in our first 12,500 square foot facility, producing flower from our 5 grow rooms, with first sales beginning in June 2019. A 13,200 square foot expansion was completed in March of 2020, adding a further 7 grow rooms, resulting in a total annual capacity of 4,000 lbs of dried flower. Factor in our recent addition of a 16,000 square foot outdoor greenhouse expansion, which is set to feed our extraction and processing facility, set to be completed Fall 2020. With a potential expansion area of over 1,000 acres, Driven Grow's Michigan property has a 3-phase development plan with a potential of up to 1,000,000 square feet of facility expansion.


Endo Cannabis Centers is a retail store providing recreational and medical marijuana to our customers near Adrian, Michigan, and surrounding areas. Endo provides top-quality products including flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, topicals, tinctures, and more.

Exclusive Brands LLC

It starts with our premium genetics and highly effective grow techniques in order to provide the highest quality marijuana in Michigan. Our grow team maintains and manicures our cannabis to the highest standards in the market. A portion of the fresh flower is extracted in our state of the art lab for premium Terp Sugars, Sauce, Shatter, Budder, Batter, Distillate, RSO and much more. Our premium oil is then infused into a variety of products requested and approved by our patients.

Exotic Matter

Exotic Matter is the culmination of a decade plus obsession with finding, growing, breeding, and preserving the best cannabis genetics in the world. Closets, apartments, pole barns, warehouses, and wherever the opportunity arose. We have been grinding it out in Michigan since 2009, and we do our best to recognize and pay respect to those who paved the way before us with their sacrifices and contributions. Exotic Matter’s mission is to find, share, create and preserve the rarest and most unique cannabis strains.

Fello Cannabis

We are a medical & adult-use cannabis cultivator. Our farm – which consists of hybrid greenhouses and a full, state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility – is located in southwest Michigan. We grow the cannabis we would want. Which means we grow cannabis that is vibrant and clean.

Freight Train

We focus on a handful of strains in a carefully controlled and monitored setting. We are a small group of family and friends who have worked in the cannabis industry for years. Bringing our experience and talents together, in 2021 we set out on a mission to design and build a state-of-the-art facility to carefully grow and process elite product lines. Throughout the planning, design and build-out of the facility, and without outside investors, we stayed true to our mission and friendships. Our processing is solventless, resulting in extracts and concentrates that are produced without the use of solvents which leave terpenes intact and no trace of chemical residue. Quality over Quantity, with a fire in fire out mentality!

Glacier Cannabis

Every strain we grow is given custom treatment to ensure that it is grown to perfection. There is no one size fits all at Glacier Cannabis - except LOVE. We sprinkle local glacial rock dust in every pot to give it that unique glacier fresh, clean taste that is unparalleled in the industry.

Glorious Cannabis Company

We started Glorious because we saw too many subpar products making it to market in this great cannabis revolution we are in. Too many people cutting corners for a quick buck. We know this plant is glorious, and we wanted to bring back old-school hard work, patience, and pride back to cultivation. We cut buds, not corners.

Goldkine Cannabis Co.

Goldkine has arrived as Michigan's premier luxury cannabis brand. To realize our vision of unparalleled products and reliable service, Goldkine combines the collective skills of our diverse founding members. Goldkine's family-oriented founders are bonded by a collective drive to produce the hand crafted cannabis which lies at the very foundation of our business. Goldkine's sophisticated grow facility is located in Warren, Michigan with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of educated professionals.

Grasshopper Farms

We’re a family of local farmers who are passionate about our crop and our community. At Grasshopper Farms, we’re family, we’re local, and we’re fun to be around. With more than 60 years of combined growing expertise on our team, we deliver the best plants, products, and experience—all while having a great time along the way.

Green Labs

It started as a dream back in 2016. Sean Lyden met with one of his childhood best friends, Dave Azoni, and their mutual friend, Stephen Georgiadis, to discuss their shared desire to bring the best cannabis in the world to the legal Michigan market. Sean, President, has extensive experience as the CFO for his family company and Dave, COO, and Steve, CPO, are some of the best cultivators in the world and have vast cultivation equipment knowledge from their ownership of a chain of hydroponics stores, Cultivation Innovations. Sean’s father, Breen, joined the team and they began the search for a suitable property to establish the cultivation operation and found the small town of Morenci, MI. The team helped convince the city to allow marijuana facilities to operate in the city and Morenci has been changed for the better ever since with many thriving employers.

Green Stem

Four score and seven years ago, no, no but it was over 4 years ago that the very concept of Green Stem was envisioned. After retiring from the Automotive Corporate world in 2017, an opportunity presented itself for me to re-engage with one of my life’s passions, cannabis.

Harbor Farmz

Established in 2017, Harbor Farmz has become the Premier choice for hand crafted Cannabis Products in Michigan. We control our cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and packaging practices all in house so that we can maintain our Harbor Farmz quality from tissue culture-to-sale. Since our Inception, our goal has been to create a naturally potent medicine that our customers can depend upon. We focus on using organic cultivation methods to provide the highest quality flowers which then go on to become our brilliant line of extracts, concentrates and edibles. Our belief is that the highest quality inputs equal high quality outputs. With this in mind, we developed a work force that is based around a Positive Work Culture, Teamwork and Equality, allowing us to ensure our Passion for the industry stays as potent as our products.

High Mountain Cannabis Company

High Mountain Cannabis Company's Goals include high-quality, potent, safe flowers that keep dispensary customers coming back. Accountability is essential in an industry with no federal oversight. The top-shelf cultivation specialists understand the importance of gaining and keeping consumers' trust and confidence.

High Peak Farms

Established in 2021, High Peak is a licensed craft cannabis cultivation farm in Crawford County, Michigan. We are driven by a single ambition: to cultivate the highest-quality flower. High Peak Farms cannabis products are proudly distributed to licensed dispensaries all over Michigan. If your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry our products, let us know! We’ll see what we can do.

High-Minded Harvest

High Minded Cannabis Cultivators started our cannabis grow operation in 2020 and set out to become the best cannabis product manufacturer in the Midwest. Our mission is to be consistent cultivators of the finest cannabis. In 2020, when the world had stopped, High Minded was just getting started. It was an undoubtedly challenging time to start a business, but our team forged ahead, committed to seeing it through. Led by a husband and wife duo with a wealth of experience in the retail business and a strong focus on giving back to the community, High Minded was created with the goal of becoming the best quality cannabis in the Midwest.

Higher Love Corporation

To provide the highest quality cannabis products to the consumers of Michigan, by cultivating not only our people and plants, but also relationships with companies and communities that share our values of healing, personal fulfilment and achieving sustainable outcomes for our planet. Highway Horticulture was founded by local entrepreneurs and industry veterans with the vision of being the premier vertically integrated cannabis company in Michigan. Why this vision? Because it is essential to curate the entire journey from the selection of world-class genetics and inputs, to the production of cutting edge branded products, to the patient and consumer fulfillment through education and entertainment.


At Highlands, we are proud to grow for a multi-level experience for the very best product. We use the whole plant and strive to have minimal waste from clone to trim. Our state of the art facility allows us to precisely control every aspect of the growth cycle to ensure our product is of the highest quality possible. We're a family-owned cultivator, and do so for folks who appreciate their indulgences, medicinal or social. We like to keep our plant numbers manageable to ensure the very best quality. Our talented cultivation team goes the extra mile to maintain and trim all of our plants by hand.

Highway Horticulture Productions

To provide the highest quality cannabis products to the consumers of Michigan, by cultivating not only our people and plants, but also relationships with companies and communities that share our values of healing, personal fulfilment and achieving sustainable outcomes for our planet. Highway Horticulture was founded by local entrepreneurs and industry veterans with the vision of being the premier vertically integrated cannabis company in Michigan. Why this vision? Because it is essential to curate the entire journey from the selection of world-class genetics and inputs, to the production of cutting edge branded products, to the patient and consumer fulfillment through education and entertainment.

HOG Cannabis Co

HOG Cannabis Company cultivates small batch, premium medical and adult use cannabis strains. Our focus is cultivating clean and potent cannabis. Our cultivation team is stacked with legacy farmers with over 50 years of cannabis cultivation experience. HOG Cannabis Co. is veteran owned, locally owned, and located in licensed provisioning centers and dispos.

Information Entropy

Information Entropy is a licensed 21+ recreational cannabis shop located in Ann Arbor. We grow and process our own product right here in Michigan, controlling quality at every step to give you access to a wide variety of premium-grade products. Visit our location and enjoy a relaxing, open atmosphere where you can shop at your own pace. If you need help, our knowledgeable staff is always available to point you in the right direction.

Jade Collection

At Jade Collection, our mission is to create a unique and caring cannabis experience for you. We offer craft cannabis products that are carefully curated for their quality and distinctiveness. With a focus on customer education and personalized service, we create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where our customers can explore the benefits of cannabis. Our goal is to provide a non-corporate, inviting space that fosters a sense of belonging and promotes the well-being of our customers, while showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of the cannabis industry.

Lake Life Farms Inc.

Located in Big Rapids and Cedar Springs, Michigan, Lake Life Farms is a recreational and wellness-centered cannabis dispensary whose mission is to deliver clean, pesticide-free cannabis products, thoughtfully curated from local Michigan artisans we know and trust.

Kinship Cannabis Co

We're Kinship. A family of like-minded people who came together because we saw a way we could do some good in our communities. As experienced cultivators and providers, we understand the profound benefits cannabis can bring to our lives - both as individuals and as a community. We're passionate about bringing those benefits to as many people as we can. We're here for everyone - from every walk of life - whether cannabis is already part of your wellness routine or not. And we want to hear your story. Because that's how a lasting, personal relationship begins. We're all in this together. And the more we share our knowledge and experience, the more we can do some good in this world.

LIV Cannabis

LIV Cannabis is committed to connecting people through Cannabis while organically enhances people’s lives.

MEDfarms Headquarters

MEDfarms is made up of a diverse group of people from all walks of life with one common goal: helping others. We believe in family, growing together, community involvement, informed consumer choices, and offering high quality products and service. Each member of our team believes in family, culture, and exceptional production practices while striving for an experience that exceeds all consumer expectations. MEDfarms core values center around promoting the wellbeing of our team. Honesty, integrity, and responsibility are the leading factors in helping each other succeed personally and professionally. We believe in maintaining open lines of communication throughout our company, to provide a safe and healthy environment for our continually evolving culture.

Michigan Medical Hemp

MMH is a licensed hemp grower and processor in the State of Michigan. We are considered a unique large scale farm/distributor who is a top hemp seed producer in the Midwest region of the US. Products and services developed for farmers.


Offering cultivars full of flavor with a wide range of Cannabinoids. We continuously take time to curate a diverse genetic library. Based on what effects our customer is trying to achieve, we are producing a large selection of strains to choose from.

Myndset Alchemy, LLC

We curate, cultivate, and craft a unique portfolio of cannabis products and guide customers in their use for the rich range of experiences and effects they seek.


Michigan born cultivation and production facility built by legacy market pioneers.

Nature's ReLeaf

The power of cannabis drives us to enhance the lives of our employee's, patients, and customers. We will achieve this by becoming vertically integrated to control and uphold the quality of each product to higher standards. This will assist us in continuously keeping locations current by educating ourselves on the latest products backed by consistent research and development. Our focus is to maintain a desirable work environment, uplifting our employee's and providing an exceptional and unforgettable customer experience.

Nirvana Center Dispensaries

We’re a chain of cannabis dispensaries that have one mantra. Enjoy it. When we say Enjoy, we don’t just mean our cannabis products. Learn more about our company and what we're all about.

Noggin Shop

We are a Recreational and Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center, Grow, Head Shop, and Garden Center. Proudly serving the local Medical Marijuana community since 2011!

Northwoods Cultivation

Northwoods Cultivation prides itself in being a community driven company with long standing roots in the Michigan cannabis industry. Northwoods places an importance on a high quality work environment, knowing that when combined with our cutting edge facility and techniques, we will produce an exceptional product for our end consumer.


Shaping the future of cannabis, we are on a mission to bring everyone higher together, no matter their journey.

Noxx is a Michigan-based vertical cannabis company prioritizing a best-in-class customer experience to meet expectations of innovation, quality and inclusivity. We are committed to providing an unmatched shopping experience, whether retail, wholesale, ecommerce, or delivery. Website

Nura Premium Cannabis

Our specialty is small batch, indoor cultivation in grow rooms that are moderately sized allowing us to tailor nutrient, lighting, and environmental conditions to suit each strains specific needs. The result provides us with flowers that are dense in structure, rich in terpene profiles and boast potent cannabinoid percentages – The Triple Threat.

Oak Pharma

Oak Pharma brands - Exclusively available through pharmacies. Quercus: Natural food supplements. Oak organic: Essential oils, 100% pure and natural.


OBJECTIV is a multinational cannabis company dedicated to redefining the cannabis industry through innovation, excellence, and a commitment to exceptional user experiences. Our mission is to create a diverse portfolio of brands, products, and technologies that set new standards for quality, consistency, and user experience within the cannabis space. Operating in both Michigan, USA, and Santa Marta, Colombia, OBJECTIV is strategically positioned to serve both local and international markets.

OCan Group

OCan Group works to meld all cannabis–federally legal hemp AND state legal adult use/medical marijuana–into the existing Farm to Family supply chain. Our mission is to ensure that global consumers have broad access to safe, reliable, and sustainable cannabis derived products, responsibly sourced from compliant American agriculture through traditional and non traditional distribution channels.

Old School Organics

We love cannabis! Old School’s entire concept is derived from our passion for the plant! We use only the highest quality ingredients when formulating our organic soil so our buds can reach their highest potential. All of our flower is hand trimmed and properly cured, locking in that dank aroma that you seek in a top shelf product. Our “Quality over everything” approach can be seen and tasted in every harvest. This is what we smoke and we love it. We hope you do too!

Red White & Bloom

Red White & Bloom (RWB) is the torchbearer leading a new frontier and setting a standard in the American cannabis industry. Our mission is to be the superior and most recognizable cannabis company in the United States (U.S.) because we hold ourselves to the highest ethical, manufacturing, education, branding and employment standards.

PharmHouse Wellness

With years of cannabis caregiving experience, we're excited to educate and share the healing properties of this amazing plant with the people of Grand Rapids. With a wide range of medical and recreational products, we have options for both experienced and new cannabis consumers. As a small, local business, our knowledgeable staff will talk you through all of our offerings and make sure you have the best product for your needs. Questions? We're happy to help. We're proud to be part of the West Wealthy neighborhood—you'll find us just off of I-196 and US 131 at 831 W. Wealthy SW in the spiffy green house!

Premier Cannabis Farms

Our licensed grow facility in the heart of Michigan cultivates some of the best flower in the state.

PUFF Cannabis Company

Welcome to PUFF Cannabis Company! Employees at PUFF work hard to ensure every customer leaves satisfied. Providing High-Quality products at fair prices. Staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to educate to the best of their ability. We take pride in providing a clean and welcoming atmosphere to everyone, including well-behaved pets. Come in and check out our wide selection of inventory and smiling faces!

Pure Roots

Pure Roots is a vertically integrated cannabis company, licensed in Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Our team includes seasoned retail technology experts that developed and deployed our proprietary Point of Sale system that integrates a touch-less cash payment kiosk, with global cart and mobile delivery application.  We over an elevated Retail Experience with our award-winning Retail Design.  Our menu is 100% non-remediated cannabis flower, which won’t burn your throat and offer the best customer experience.

Rare Michigan Genetics

Our process and proprietary strains have allowed us to achieve many high terpene and THC test results that are only achieved through time and dedication. If you’re looking for a product that will be unique in appearance coupled with an overwhelming taste and smell profile, we may be the grower for you.

Red Arrow Farm

A PERFECT PLACE TO CATCH THE MICHIGAN RAYS. The rich, fertile soil of southwest Michigan’s “fruit belt” makes it among the most diverse and productive agricultural regions that you probably never knew about. The unique microclimate, moderated by temperate breezes off nearby Lake Michigan, creates an ideal environment for bountiful farming yields. It’s the perfect place for Red Arrow Farm’s sun-grown cannabis cultivation. Our approach allows us to use more sustainable methods and set new standards. We merge modern agricultural science with responsible practices to provide the highest-quality cannabis products, at affordable prices.


Rize is a Medical and Recreational Cannabis Company. Rize provides their customers with THC and CBD solutions, including but not limited to flower, concentrates, vaporizers, edibles and tinctures. With future expansion on the way, Rize will utilize retail, cultivation and extraction to create the trifecta of education, quality products and exceptional services for Michigan's Upper Peninsula and beyond.


Simplicity Farms is a craft cannabis start up in Niles, MI. Focused on overall health and cleanliness we are dedicated to holistic solutions.

Sozo Companies

Located in a restored, classic mid-century bank, Sozo Flint offers customers a modern cannabis shopping experience facilitated by community-driven staff. Yes, we're using the vault. In addition to the full suite of Sozo premium cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates, Sozo Flint offers a curated selection of edibles, topicals, tinctures, and more, from quality brands we collaborate with and trust.

Spaceman Cannabis

Spaceman Cannabis brings boutique, craft-style cannabis products to Michigan’s connoisseur market. Our affiliate state-of-the-art cultivation facilities are home to over 50,000 square feet of advanced canopy, R&D, tissue culture, clone and veg space. Our cultivators combine over 20 years of experience with science and advanced technology, as well as hand-crafted care to produce a superior cannabis experience for our customers.

Stash Ventures LLC

Stash Ventures is the founding parent company of Timber Cannabis Co and High Minded. Founded in 2020, the Midwestern team set out to grow a successful vertically integrated cannabis company in their own backyard, with a vision to become one of the most knowledgeable and capable Midwest cannabis companies looking to dominate a relatively new and hungry market. At High Minded, we know you’ll enjoy the products, the education, and the high you deserve.

Terple Gang

The Terple Gang is a Michigan cannabis cultivation company with one goal in mind: to deliver high quality Michigan flower, post-prohibition. Introduced through the caregiver network, The Terple Gang founders are long-time cannabis consumers, adventure seekers, and entrepreneurs who combined forces to cultivate and process the freshest and most distinctive cannabis genetics with unparalleled terpene profiles. With more than a century's worth of combined Michigan cannabis cultivation experience, our founders have been an integral part of furthering legalization and transforming the state's cannabis community, behind the scenes.

Sunset Coast Provisions

Sunset Coast Provisions was founded by a group of professionals, all of whom shared two common denominators: a love for the singular beauty of Michigan lake life and the belief that cannabis is an amazing plant that can add immensely to our lives.

Superior Selections

Here at Superior Selections, it all begins with an idea. Fortified with passion and a relentless abundance of motivation to bring cannabis consumers an unparalleled quality in each cultivar we select and produce.  Superior Selections is committed to excellence and we stand behind each and every one of our products.  It doesn’t begin and end with our employees. Our customers and loyal fan base is the most vital piece of our existence.  Follow and become a part of our journey, in bringing the cannabis consumers of Michigan an undeniable customer experience.


UBaked’s purpose-built, state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility began production in 2019. Through superior quality and high standards of integrity, UBaked sets itself apart from the rest in the industry. Environmental sustainability is an important aspect of our process. Less energy and water are consumed compared to traditional indoor grow methods through the use of industry-leading energy-efficient equipment and grow techniques.

Tango Jack

We do things the right way. To us that means having a good time and producing the highest quality cannabis products. Here we celebrate personal expression and the freedom to find joy in living. Chill out, feel fine and party on. That’s the Tango Jack lifestyle.

The Botanical Co

MAKING CANNABIS APPROACHABLE FOR MICHIGAN RESIDENTS. With such a complicated history, cannabis can be a bit intimidating for newcomers. At The Botanical Co., we make sure this isn’t the case. Whether you’re well-versed or new to the cannabis lifestyle, our staff is here to make your experience enjoyable. We strive to ensure everyone feels comfortable when visiting our provisioning center to learn more about cannabis products and their applications. We’re approachable, and believe cannabis should be, too. There should be no worries about asking “silly” questions.

The Hempire Collective

At The Hempire Collective we take a craft approach to our cannabis. What does that mean for you, the consumer? It means we go above and beyond at every step of the cultivation process, so you get a product that is enriched with care and nurtured with an emphasis on quality.

The Fire Station LLC

Established in Upper Michigan in October of 2019, The Fire Station was the second medical marijuana facility to open in the Upper Peninsula. The Fire Station’s Negaunee location became the first Upper Peninsula, MI recreational facility in November 2019, and was approved for delivery services in March 2020.

Thunder Canna

At Thunder Canna, we’re committed to making the highest quality cannabis products with eco-friendly techniques and we take that seriously! All of our products are of the highest quality ingredients, grown with practices that decrease energy consumption, save water, and limit waste. No harmful chemicals are used in our facilities. So you’re assured clean, and healthy plants!

Total Health Processing

Here at Total Health Co. We are combining precise cutting-edge technology with traditional medicine to give our clients the exact experience that they desire. You can trust that everything on our shelves will consistently deliver because they are manufactured with only the highest quality equipment on the market today. All of our products have been scientifically created to help you focus and maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, and we are totally committed to improving the health and wellness of our customers!

Treestock Ventures

Our team is composed of knowledgeable and successful veterans in cannabis sales and marketing. Our founding values prioritize transparency, education, process and exceptional customer service, so our partners can be profitable, efficient and growth-oriented. Our goal is to be a role-model in the industry, setting the standard for others to follow.

True Leaf

Our team is composed of knowledgeable and successful veterans in cannabis sales and marketing. Our founding values prioritize transparency, education, process and exceptional customer service, so our partners can be profitable, efficient and growth-oriented. Our goal is to be a role-model in the industry, setting the standard for others to follow.

True North Collective MI

Sunset Coast Provisions was founded by a group of professionals, all of whom shared two common denominators: a love for the singular beauty of Michigan lake life and the belief that cannabis is an amazing plant that can add immensely to our lives. TNC-MI have become experts at cultivating quality craft cannabis products and good vibes since 2019. Our team is comprised of passionate and talented industry professionals and cannabis connoisseurs alike. True North maintains Class C Cultivation and Processing Licenses that produce exemplary quality flower, concentrates and infused products. The entire team at True North is passionate about our blossoming regulated market. We are dedicated to providing safe, compliant, & consistent products to the medical marijuana market. After a decade of grassroots activism by cannabis proponents, like yourself, we take the opportunity to serve the patients & consumers of Michigan with the thoughtfully crafted, quality products they deserve.

Utopia Gardens LLC

Utopia Gardens is Detroit's State-Licensed Home Delivery service. With a 20-mile delivery radius, Utopia Gardens serves Wayne County and parts of Oakland & Macomb Counties.

Vlasic Labs

At Vlasic Labs, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, hemp-based products for a variety of wellness needs. Our mission is to make these compounds available and affordable to the masses, without sacrificing quality and consistency.

Wilder Pharms

Wilder Pharms is committed to the development, distribution, and consumption of extraordinary natural remedies targeted to promote harmony in the human condition We grow only premium quality strains in a sterile environment and our products are tested to ensure the integrity of that quality is passed on to our customer \ Pure naturally cultivated and processed premium phyto-cannabinoids.