Our Most Trusted Friends


We partner with the best-of-breed companies in our industry to bring you top shelf value.


Cannabis grow software for cultivators offering team management, plant tracking and analytics.

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LeafLink connects 8,400+ retailers with 3,700+ brands and distributors for streamlined cannabis commerce.

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Engineered to grow your dispensary. Treez offers everything you need to increase sales, streamline operations, simplify compliance, and provide better customer experiences.

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Simple, transparent, and instant funding products that help your business scale

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Bleux Financial Solutions

Offering a variety of services spanning accounting, tax and payroll solutions to operators.

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From data and content to production and distribution, Lahlouh Packaging offers a variety of services to a variety of industries, nationwide.

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Dependable service provider in potency and residual solvent testing for cannabis operators.

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Providing the best testing lab services and pushing the boundaries of agricultural science and research.

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SC Labs

Accredited lab that tests both cannabis and hemp for potency and safety, primarily in California and Oregon.

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