California Cannabis Distributor Directory


Distribution is an important component of a sales strategy, especially if you are newly entering the market. As a software company, we have had the privilege of connecting with a vast number of distributors that we have listed below. These are just a tip of the iceberg but feel free to reach out yourself.


Oakland distributing company

Oakland Distributing Company, Inc. (ODC) is the Bay Area's boutique  distributor of licensed cannabis products for retail shops, specializing in packaged flower, pre-rolls and edibles. ODC is the alternative to the "imperial overlord" distributors that insist on owning the brand and silencing the brand's voice in the sales channel. Contact

The Cohong Distribution

Also known as Cannaplex, based out of Oakland

Contact details coming soon on



Wondertree Distribution

Distributor out of Central Valley, providing full service solutions


THC Design

THC Design has become one of the leading breeders and cultivators of cannabis in California. By utilizing the latest cutting-edge science and technology.


Sonoma Pacific Distribution

Based in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Pac is a boutique cannabis distributor that provides guidance for licensure, permitting, compliance, business structuring, marketing and branding, design, cultivation, brand position, messaging and values, and target markets.



Located in West Sacramento in the heart of Northern California and the cannabis industry, lbs. distribution is your partner to grow and take your brands to the next level.


Herban industries

Full service distribution and high impact sales team


Pacific Wholesale Network

Services: Full service distribution. Specializes in helping small cannabis manufacturers expand their reach in California.



Services: Full service distribution, email and social media blasts, content creation and promotion via email and social channels, and consulting



Sunstone Distribution

Services: Full service distribution. 



Pushr is a full service Adult Use and Medical cannabis distribution company located in Southern California.  


Alta Supply

Services: Full service distribution, consulting. 


Rise The Tribe

Services: Full service distribution. Specializes in assisting manufacturers and cultivators get the supplies they need to produce their products more efficiently.


Fenix Logistics

Services: Full services distribution. Contract Manufacturing for Royalty (MLA). Fulfillment only. Contact


Description: Nabis is a cannabis distributor, focusing on sales and logistics.

Phone: 1 (510) 969 4693

Location: Oakland, CA

Yerba Buena Logistics

Services: Full services distribution.


Sol Distro

Services: Full service distribution.



Services: Full service distribution, consulting


Cannabis Buyer

Services: Full service distribution.


Wholesale MMJ

Services: Full service distribution.


River Collective (RVR)

Services: Full service distribution.


Ocean Goods

Services: Full service distribution.  


Old Kai

Services:  Full service distribution and packaging.


California CAnnabis Distribution Inc. (CCD)

Services: Full service distribution.


XIT Packaging

Services: Computer-aided product design, 3d print prototypes, import / export, legal support, branding, logo / website design, packaging. Does not include sales & marketing.


Kings Coast

Service: Full service distribution


VCC Brands

Services: They create their own brands and help develop them through the entire supply chain.


The Healing Cabinet

Services: Full service distribution


Wes Martin

Services: Specializes in supplying manufacturers and distributors source material.


Nature By Design

Services: Full service distribution, consulting, security, branding, marketing, web design, and advertising.



Services: Full service distribution


Organa Brands

Services: Full service distribution, branding


Verdant Distribution

Services: Full service distribution



HighlanderS Distribution

Services: Full service distribution, full service marketing, web development, SEO, and event planning.


Indus holdings

Services: Full service distribution. Co-packing.


Humboldt Legends

Services: Branded full service flower distribution.


Prema Flora

Services: Branded full service flower distribution.


Flow Kana

Services: Branded full service flower distribution.



Services: Branded full service flower distribution.


Emerald Family Farms

Services: Branded full service flower distribution.


Humboldt's Finest

Services: Branded full service flower distribution.


Northern Emeralds

Services: Branded full service flower distribution.


True Humboldt

Services: Branded full service flower distribution.