Startup Culture: Deblurring Your Language

April 23, 2024
June 2, 2021
| Updated
January 19, 2023
deblurring lines.jpeg

Written by Distru’s CTO, Johnny Ji

Have you ever agreed on a time to hang out with your friend only to find yourself standing at the meeting place wondering “Where in the world are they? They should have been here by now.” . You then proceed to send them a text and you get one of the following responses:

“Sorry omw”, “I’ll be there soon”, “Almost there!”

I’ve been in this situation quite a ton in my life, and each time I’m left thinking what had happened and when will they actually be here? This is an effect of blurry language in its essence; on the surface, it seems to provide helpful information, however, it does the opposite by creating more questions and uncertainty.

Continue reading how to deblur your language with clear, actionable steps in Johnny’s original post on Medium.

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