4 Reasons Why Cannabis Processors Should Be Using Distru in Colorado

May 23, 2024
June 27, 2022
| Updated
May 23, 2024

Colorado has one of the most robust markets when it comes to cannabis concentrates and edibles. Brands like 710 Labs, Lazercat, and Olio provide a large range of extract products, ranging from solventless rosin to live resin, with a variety of vaporizer options in between. The edibles market is just as diverse, from Dialed in Gummies’ fruit snacks to Keef Brand’s line of sodas. To operate at its finest, a strong processor market needs strong software backing it, and that’s exactly where Distru comes in. Let’s dive into how exactly our metrc-synced, Cannabis ERP can help processors thrive in an ever evolving industry.

Best Leaflink Integration in The Market, Bar None

We know how important Leaflink is in Colorado. Distru is one of the only cannabis softwares with a live 2-way sync to Leaflink. Our Leaflink integration is so strong that even the CEO of Leaflink has said we have the best integration to their platform. We're here to make your life easier and minimize wasted time. Say goodbye to:

  • Double data entry
  • Overselling inventory
  • Manual audits
  • Long onboarding times

Using multiple software packages can be a pain, so it was important that we really spent time on our Leaflink integration keeping the user experience in mind. As it stands, all the relevant Leaflink data syncs to Distru with one-click, with the system checking in the background very frequently for any new changes. As orders sync over to Distru, you can get them ready for fulfillment and update the status which reflects in Leaflink in near real-time. We also have a dedicated customer support team to help with any Distru x Leaflink issues, but more on that later.

We Give Processors What They Need

As mentioned, the selection of concentrates and edibles on the Colorado market is incredibly diverse. With all these different product SKUs being manufactured, you need a robust cannabis manufacturing software to track and organize all your data. Distru lets you track both your cannabis and non-cannabis inventory, giving you the ability to create detailed BOMs (bill of materials) for all your SKUs. Here are some examples of BOMs you can create in Distru:

  • 1g Bulk Flower + 0.5g Live Rosin + Raw Paper + Tube + Label = 1g Infused Joint
  • 0.5g Bulk Live Resin + CCell Cart + Box + Label = 0.5g Live Resin Cart
  • THC emulsion + syrup flavor + carbonated water = THC Beverage

Another very useful feature for manufacturers and processors is label printing. Our template designer lets you create a variety of label templates, each with their own dimensions and dynamically populated data, wherein you can set properties like name, THC%, and a custom barcode to print on all labels, and the information automatically fills in for each label based on your data in Distru.

Yet another critically important metric is cost of goods sold, or COGs. All COGs associated with final product manufacturing are tracked in Distru's reporting hub. You can easily track, filter, and download historical data from your previous production runs. No more shuffling around spreadsheets and over/undershooting production runs - let Distru keep you organized. So the next time your manager asks for a production report, it’s just one click away.

Simplify Sales and Mobile Order Fulfillment

Time is money! Slow software can make all the difference when it comes to sales productivity. How many times have you had to navigate several pages in clunky software just to complete one task? Software does not need to look like it is from the 90s! Distru is built to optimize sales flows and minimize the repetition of tedious tasks by offering one-click options for:

  • Adding task reminders
  • Opening a new SO
  • Marking an invoice as paid
  • Editing manifests
  • and more!

All information changed in Distru (inventory, sales, etc.) syncs to Metrc in real-time with our live 2-way sync. Distru also provides a custom live menu link that you can send out to business partners. This way you can populate specific menus to specific business partners and have them create sales orders based on your live inventory. Now they don’t need to always be asking you what you have in stock, they’ll already know!

All actions performed on a computer or laptop can also be done via our mobile web portal, enabling your sales team to access Distru on the go without compromising access to key functionality such as live inventory, sales trends, and invoice history for each customer. Save your team the time, money, and trip back to home base anytime there’s an issue.

Customer Support Is at The Heart of Distru

They say it takes a village, and it really does. Distru's customer support is backed by industry veterans and Distru power users. We don't outsource any of our support, ever. You'll always have someone who understands your needs and can help you out. Chances are they were in your position at some point dealing with the same issues! With fast response times and a 99% satisfaction rating, you'll have dedicated one-on-one support from our team to help answer any questions you may have.

Just our Metrc integration alone will help save hours, but with Distru’s Leaflink integration, manufacturing focused tools, and breezy sales flows, we can save processors in Colorado bundles of money, time, and stress. Give your team tools that are easy to use and that you can rely on to get the job done! We’d love to connect with you and chat more about your work in Colorado.

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