A central hub for your inventory, orders and customers managed and accounted for in one place.


Distru is the ERP solution for modern day distributors dealing with a plethora of customers, vendors, and orders. Streamline your workflows and manage your supply chain from end-to-end with ease.  


Manage all your vendors and customers from a single interface.

All your cultivator, manufacturer and retail relationships along with associated activities and order history can be easily tracked, resulting in no missed opportunities. 


Manage your purchases and sales orders.

Whether you are sourcing or selling, your team will enjoy working with streamlined workflows that bring efficiency to your operation. Create and fulfill orders at your warehouse or on the go with ease. 


Multi-warehousing and inventory management

Manage multiple warehouse locations and transfer inventory as needed. Know how many batches you are carrying in each location and view test results and expiration dates at any time. 


Up-to-the-minute reports

Get a high-level overview of your business or dive into granular data. Our robust reporting functionality makes it easy to view best selling products or identify dormant accounts. 

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