What is a Cannabis Enterprise Resource Planning?

April 29, 2024
July 14, 2023
| Updated
April 29, 2024

The US cannabis industry is complex and constantly evolving. This brings a lot of unique challenges with it, but that also means a lot of opportunity for those who make the right decisions along the way. Given the sheer amount of paperwork involved in daily ops, a growing cannabis brand needs to graduate from spreadsheets and whiteboards. 

Imagine never having to jump between multiple spreadsheets, juggle various WhatsApp conversations or frantically search for that one crucial piece of paper you swear was just by your keyboard again. Ultimately, that’s what an ERP does for your entire company — it brings all of that data into a single interface where it stays up to date in real time.

Roll integrations into the mix and now you have less double handling of data, less human error and more time to spend on doing actual work that progresses your brand forward. This isn’t hyperbole, this is a platform that every cannabis brand should be working with to simplify their operation.

A single source of truth for the whole company

A cannabis ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) gives your entire team a single platform to work from rather than a collection of paper and spreadsheets. This makes it an easy, single point that everyone can consult to get their job done right, without confusion or ambiguity.

With an effective ERP, the data you need for monitoring performance and internal meeting prep takes just a few clicks from one trustworthy source. It’s so much easier to keep track of the numbers that matter when you don’t have to go searching for the data in 7 different places!

Save time and money on track and trace compliance

Most states must comply with Metrc, which requires a huge amount of time and resources each month when done manually. But, there's a solution for that.

When you use a quality cannabis ERP that integrates with Metrc, you'll avoid the double and triple-handling of data. This looks something like Spreadsheet -> Accounting Software -> Metrc. For example, with our ERP solution, you only need to enter data into Distru's interface once. From there, the live, two-way sync can handle the accounting and Metrc tasks for you in real time.

Bottom line? You get that time, money, and energy directly back into your business to earn you more and help you achieve your goals.

Handle 280e tax compliance

Tax compliance – the unavoidable thorn in our industry’s side. Along with already complicated taxes, IRC Section 280e intricacies can cause you even more time and overwhelm. And, when you're double or triple-entering the same information across multiple platforms, this is even more true since there's a greater chance for human error.

But, not all hope is lost. Like track and trace, tax compliance is also seamlessly handled by a good cannabis ERP. And with Distru in particular, our 2-way Quickbooks sync keeps all your sales, purchasing and procurement data up-to-date. So, there's no risk of human error – only clean, simple automation.

Manage tasks directly in your ERP platform

With all of the time you'll save from a good ERP integration, the last thing you want to do is waste time (and money) on other process inefficiencies. Most ERPs handle task management like a champ, including assigning, managing and prioritizing daily tasks to ensure the whole team is best using their time. 

So, go ahead and cancel that Asana or Trello subscription, as Distru does it all.

Handle your warehouse and inventory

You know how crucial it is to have an efficiently-operating warehouse in this business. And to get that, you need to keep track of your inventory and product movement at all times. This completely removes the very real frustration of trying to sell product without knowing what your exact stock levels are at any given moment.

This is just another factor covered by a good cannabis ERP and another reason your team will thank you for implementing it.

In the platform, you can quickly see real-time status reports, set up inventory control and workflows, print your labels and pick slips and so much more. Plus, if you're getting low on product, your ERP not only tells you before you run out, but it’ll even let you generate a purchase order on the fly.

Fulfill your orders

No more jumping between spreadsheets, WhatsApp, LeafLink, Quickbooks and Metric to handle each and every order. If you’re like many and use this ‘system’ to handle your day to day ops, an ERP is exactly what you need right now.

A good one will also handle your sales order fulfillment processes in that same, single place. What's great about Distru is it lets you take advantage of the #1 LeafLink integration, too. From one platform, you can receive the LeafLink order, and pack, invoice and ship it incredibly fast. Metrc is happy, your accountant is happy and – most importantly – your customer is stoked.

Implement a Cannabis Enterprise Resource Planning and start clawing back those margins

All of our team members have worked for at least one (often multiple) US cannabis operator before joining Distru. This means each of us knows how you feel, and exactly what it's like to constantly wrestle with Metrc or have to track down that poor distribution manager seven times a day. And, each of us knows how important a streamlined, single platform is for the industry. There's a better solution than manual tracking, and Distru is one of the best.

To learn more about what we offer, set up a free discovery call and we can chat specifics. One of our favorite things to hear in these sessions with new clients is that “Wait, this platform handles all of that for me?!” ‘aha’ moment. We love helping new brands improve how they do business! Discovery calls are free and come with zero obligation. Schedule one today and take a closer look for yourself.

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