seed to sale software for distributors and manufacturers

One tool to manage your business operations, track taxes, and stay compliant with Metrc


number one choice for licensed operators

Distru is the hero distributors and manufacturers need to streamline their production, inventory tracking, accounting, sales and stay compliant with Metrc.

Solutions For Manufacturers

  • Track your inventory from source to sale
  • Product assembly that keeps your finished goods and components in sync
  • Keep your production team and sales team in one app to streamline your operation
  • Sell directly to your customers on your website with our embeddable menu
  • Multi warehousing lets you realistically track your inventory

Solutions For Distributors

  • Inventory, orders, purchases, and customers in one app to make your operation seamless
  • Track inventory across multiple warehouses and transfer products with ease
  • Empower your sales team by having your customer, inventory, and sales data in one place
  • Manage your relationships with vendors and customers in one app
  • Embed our menu on your site and easily sell to your customers

manage your business with one app


End-to-end supply chain management from vendor to customer in one app


Real-time business reports accessible with the click of a button


All of your products, contacts, and orders stored in a single place


Follow every law correctly and remain compliant as legal landscape evolves

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Mobile and tablet friendly, responsive design that works across every browser

Secure Metrc integration to keep your data safe and in sync with track and trace systems



Quickbooks Online is a great accounting tool, but it doesn't solve all of your businesses needs. Distru integrates all financial records with Quickbooks Online so you have a familiar accounting tool while having the power of a single app for your business.

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