Frequently asked questions


1. What is Distru?

Distru is a cloud ERP for cannabis distributors and manufacturers complete with features you need to manage your business such as batch-based inventory management, multi-warehousing, order fulfillment, and sales planning, enabling clients to operate more efficiently.

2. How is Distru a better alternative to ... ?

Spreadsheets are typically free, easy to use, and customize. Many users around the world use them for a variety of purposes. While it is possible to manage your operation with spreadsheets like Excel or Google Spreadsheets, it can leave room for human error and creates redundant work. Also it makes it hard to track changes, log activities or delve into history.

Traditional ERPs
An ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planner and it covers all major concepts in your organization including orders, inventory, sales, accounting, and customers. For most wholesale and manufacturing companies, ERP is the core of your business, whether it’s a simple bookkeeping tool, or a full-blown ERP system like SAP.

But more often than not, ERPs require add-ons from third-party vendors which tend to be cobbled-together ‘end-to-end’ solutions are supposed to help manage the entire business, but often deliver lackluster functionality. Additionally, ERP vendors have been slow to adapt to new technologies like mobile, creating room for nimble best-of-breed vendors to emerge and offer a superior, non-clunky user experience. It is no surprise that certain studies show that up to 75% of managers bypass their ERP systems.

CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management tools, such as Salesforce, Pipedrive and others, allow businesses to manage their prospects and contacts across their lifecycle in an easy-to-manage sales pipelines, where they can forecast sales and track communications etc. Distru allows customers to manage their customer relations and more from a single tool.

With Distru, all your customer interactions and data are accessible on the cloud so you can do everything from viewing real-time reports of active inventory to creating sales orders on the fly on your smartphone.

You can delegate tasks like pick-ups and drop-offs as well as monitor their status all from within Distru. Stock levels are automatically adjusted whenever an order is picked-up or delivered and invoices are sync’d to Quickbooks Online. Distru also automates compliance enabling you to focus on the core of your business.

3. What states do you serve?

We serve all states with a special focus on California

4. Is my data secure?

Distru is powered by enterprise-grade security to ensure that all customer data is kept secure and confidential. All communication between your devices and Distru is encrypted using industry-standard HTTPS/SSL, login information is encrypted end-to-end, ISO compliant redundant systems have been set and live backups are created, and all passwords are hashed before storage.

We also authenticate access to Distru services using revocable access tokens. Our system has been protected against SQLi attacks, and currently, a more advanced Data Loss Prevention is under development. Contact us immediately if you have reason to believe any access tokens may have been compromised.

5. Do you offer mobile support?

Yes, Distru is built with responsive design to function across all browsers and devices.


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